Episode 225: AREDN Mesh Networking Q&A Livestream

This week I will be flashing the AREDN Mesh firmware onto a Ubiquiti Nanostation and showing the steps for that process. We will take questions during the stream on the Super Chat or you can email questions to QUESTIONS@livefromthehamshack.tv My list of AREDN supported devices: https://kit.com/kc5hwb/aredn-mesh-hardware AREDN Mesh Website: https://www.arednmesh.org/ […] Read more »

Episode 224: AREDN Mesh Routers from GL.iNet and Firmware Updates

Today I show 2 new routers that were added to the list of supported hardware devices for AREDN Mesh Networking Firmware. Made by GL.iNet, both of these routers offer some extra features that we haven’t seen yet, namely size and portability. GL.iNet USB 150: https://amzn.to/2lA6jPn GL.iNet AR150 Smart Router: https://amzn.to/2k58MRt […] Read more »

Episode 98: AREDN MESH Networking Forum from Dayton Hamvention 2017

AREDN MESH Networking Forum from Dayton Hamvention AREDN is a new sponsor of this YouTube series!  Go visit their website at www.AREDN.org. This forum was given by Andre, K6AH, at the 2017 Dayton Hamvention.  It details the new updates in AREDN networking, and gives details on different types of nodes […] Read more »

Episode 95: Operating a SharkRF Openspot over a MESH Network

Operating a SharkRF Openspot over a MESH Network: Today Darryl, K5DLQ, and I connect our MESH nodes together over an internet tunnel (this simulates a true over-the-air MESH network connection that isn’t possible due to the distance that Darryl and I are from each other) and connect our SharkRF Openspot […] Read more »

Episode 87: Dallas ARC AREDN-in-the-Park, Part 1

AREDN-in-the-Park AREDN: Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network.  I’ve done two episodes, so far, about the AREDN MESH firmware.  The first one was Episode 47 from the 2016 Dallas HamCom, where the developers of the firmware themselves give a presentation on what their firmware can do, and how it was developed.  My second […] Read more »