Episode 304: Lessons Learned with Ham Radio and YouTube | YouTubers Bunch #8

In this next installment from the YouTubers Bunch for Ham Radio, we discussed lessons that we have learned while operating Ham Radio. Lessons from building antennas, activating POTA or SOTA, different radio selections, etc. We also talk about lessons YouTube has taught us about Ham Radio and how we like […] Read more »

Episode 303: 300 Episode Giveaway from Ham Radio 2.0!

In celebration of 300 Episodes on this channel, I am doing another giveaway. You can signup with an email address at this link: https://gleam.io/competitions/d8njz-300-episodes-on-ham-radio-20 Prizes include: An Anytone D578 Triband DMR Mobile Radio TID DP-580 UHF DMR HT IP01 iPhone Walkie Talkie Case MFJ-2010 MFJ-1778 MFJ-915 MFJ-108B (x2) MFJ-4432 (x2) […] Read more »

Episode 299: PSAT2 DTMF Experiment APRStt Touchtone Digital Communications

Once again, Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, presents another forum from the 2019 TAPR Digital Communications Conference. This forum topic is PSAT2 DTMF Experiment APRStt Touchtone Digital Communications – Using any Radio for Data Exchange   Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this series possible: – Gifts 4 Hams – […] Read more »

Episode 295: TID DP-580 UHF DMR HT – First Look!

Find this radio here: https://amzn.to/36wTmsi More information about spec are here: https://hamradiomall.com/products/td-dp580 As I said in the video, this HT was very easy to program and sounded great into my Pi-star hotspot. The only draw-back is that it is monoband, but if you are mostly using a hotspot anyway, then […] Read more »