Best HF Radio for POTA 2022

Best HF Radio for POTAMake/ModelWebsite LinkNotes
IC-7300Click Here

FTdx-10Click Here
FT-891Click Here
IC-7100Click Here
FT-991aClick Here
IC-7200Click Here
IC-7000Click Here
IC-706MKIIgClick Here
FT-857dClick Here
FT-897Click Here
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5 thoughts on “Best HF Radio for POTA 2022

  1. Have you ever done a review on hfsignals units ham radio kit? It has more options than usdx for the price.

  2. Question. Now that the FT710 is released where does it fall on this list if at all? Looking at getting a new radio for the shack/POTA and am really torn between the IC7300, FTdx10 and FT710.

  3. There is no best radio or no best antenna for POTA, all you need is 10 contacts, you can even make those contacts on VHF/UHF and all FM is you so choose. I have made 10,000 contacts on the LEO Satellites both FM and Linears.
    73 de N2NWK

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