Episode 502: Best Handheld Ham Radio for Off Grid | Hunting – Survival Ham Radio

Today I talk about my 5 current picks for Handheld Ham Radios at my Hunting Lease, where we operate off grid. All radios have various features and options that make them good for off grid or survival prepping while hunting, camping or operating in the wild. Find all items in […] Read more »

Episode 482: Best HF Ham Radio Under $1000 – 6 Best HF Transceivers 2020

What is the Best HF Radio for under $1000 for the new Ham Radio Operator in 2020? This list of 6 transceivers that I would recommend to new Ham Radio Operators who are on a budget. Comments welcome! All Radios: https://kit.co/kc5hwb/best-hf-ham-radio-for-2020 Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this […] Read more »

Episode 462: Best Handheld Ham Radio TRI BAND for 2020 – Tri Band Radio Comparison

Best TRI BAND Handheld Ham Radio for 2020, a comparison video I put together for tri band ham radio HTs that include the 220MHz band. All radios discussed in this video can be found here – https://kit.co/kc5hwb/best-triband-handheld-ham-radio-2020 Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this series possible: – Gifts […] Read more »