Best GMRS Handheld for 2022


Best GMRS Handheld for 2022Make/ModelWebsite LinkNotes
Baofeng G11SClick Here

Baofeng UV-5X (UV-5G)Click Here
Midland GXT1000VP4Click Here
Radioddity GM-30Click HereClick This Link to save $15 off at Radioddity
Midland T290VP4Click Here
Wouxun KG-805GClick Here
Wouxun KG-905GClick Here
Wouxun KG-916Click HereUse Coupon HR2all7 to save 7% off at
Wouxun KG-935GClick Here
Wouxun KG-UV9GClick HereUse Coupon HR2all7 to save 7% off at
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5 thoughts on “Best GMRS Handheld for 2022

  1. Hi I tried to use the friend code for Radioddity gm-30, it said the code is invalid for the item
    I was going to buy, I pasted it so as to not get any errors, but it still did not like it.
    If you could help that would be great.

  2. Betech has a new Gmrs radio out. Gmrs v2. That one I am Interested in. Or the 179.00 one u talked about.

  3. BTECH is great, the versatility of this hand-held radio is one of its best assets. It works both as an FRS and GMRS radio. It also has UHF and VHF scanning capabilities.

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