Episode 401: YouTubers Hamfest Survey Discussion from the YouTubers Bunch for Ham Radio

YouTubers Bunch episode #16 – where we discuss putting together a survey for the YouTubers Hamfest from May of 2020. Comments and suggestions welcome! Complete Playlist: Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this series possible: – Gifts 4 Hams – R&L Electronics – Buy Two Way Radios   […] Read more »

Episode 371: YouTubers Hamfest Progress and Planning Updates – YTB #15

The YouTubers Hamfest is moving along with some great plans for interviews and presentations from lots of vendors whose names you will recognize. Join the YouTubers Bunch today to talk about how everything is moving along and what you can expect to see on that day, May 23rd. https://youtubershamfest.com Be […] Read more »

Episode 304: Lessons Learned with Ham Radio and YouTube | YouTubers Bunch #8

In this next installment from the YouTubers Bunch for Ham Radio, we discussed lessons that we have learned while operating Ham Radio. Lessons from building antennas, activating POTA or SOTA, different radio selections, etc. We also talk about lessons YouTube has taught us about Ham Radio and how we like […] Read more »