Episode 568: Lunchtime Livestream – 73,000 Subs Giveaway

Join me for the Lunchtime Livestream on Wednesday March 10th as I celebrate my channel breaking 73,000 subs and announce some giveaways. I hope you can make it, and look forward to seeing you! Giveaway link – http://hamradio2.com/73k-giveaway “The Spirit of Radio” – (Wednesday Live Stream & Support Information): https://100wattsandawire.com/thespiritofradio […] Read more »

Episode 558: Texas Snowmageddon! Texas Winter Storm 2021 Lessons Learned for Prepping and Comms

This week was the Texas Snowmageddon – The first Winter Storm of 2021 and it was a record-breaking event for weather all across Texas. We saw record lows temps, record snowfall, and record outages of power, water and communications. What did I learn? What can WE learn from this? Were […] Read more »