Episode 568: Lunchtime Livestream – 73,000 Subs Giveaway

Episode 568: Lunchtime Livestream – 73,000 Subs Giveaway

Join me for the Lunchtime Livestream on Wednesday March 10th as I celebrate my channel breaking 73,000 subs and announce some giveaways. I hope you can make it, and look forward to seeing you!

Giveaway link – http://hamradio2.com/73k-giveaway

“The Spirit of Radio” – (Wednesday Live Stream & Support Information): https://100wattsandawire.com/thespiritofradio
“Papa” Phil’s Website: (Ham Radio Giveaways, Phil’s Video, Testing and Donation Information): https://www.papaphilcan.com/ab8pr/
“Papa” Phil Challenge: (We encourage operators to put this video on their QRZ page): https://youtu.be/O7nrc4lJggc
Special Event: “The Spirit of Radio” from March 13 to March 20. We’re operating as (K4P) or “Kidney 4 Papa” – http://QRZ.com/db/K4P


Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this series possible:
– Gifts 4 Hams
– R&L Electronics
– Buy Two Way Radios
– FlexRadio

✅New MERCH Site!!! – https://grapevineamateurradio.com

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2 thoughts on “Episode 568: Lunchtime Livestream – 73,000 Subs Giveaway

  1. Your contest seems broken – it said “Different address needed. You cannot subscribe to this list with the email address you entered. . .”

    There is nothing wrong with my email address that I gave it. Please drop me a note if you fix it.


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