Episode 95: Operating a SharkRF Openspot over a MESH Network

Operating a SharkRF Openspot over a MESH Network:
Today Darryl, K5DLQ, and I connect our MESH nodes together over an internet tunnel (this simulates a true over-the-air MESH network connection that isn’t possible due to the distance that Darryl and I are from each other) and connect our SharkRF Openspot devices together, then perform a short QSO.

The SharkRF Openspot has been one of the most popular DV hotspots, allowing connection into the DMR, DSTAR and YSF networks.  Today Darryl and I setup the SharkRF Server/Client option in the Openspot menu, then we use our DMR radios to communicate through each of our Openspot units (his being a server, and mine being a client which connects to his IP on the MESH network).

This can be a great tool for using MESH networking to allow connection of non-MESH devices onto the network.


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  1. […] https://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/2017/05/16/episode-95-operating-sharkrf-openspot-mesh-network/ ———————————- Darryl, K5DLQ, and I setup a MESH tunnel over the internet, which simulates an OTA MESH network that we could create if we were closer to one another. On this tunnel, we setup a SharkRF Openspot server/client connect and make a QSO over the MESH. […]

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