Episode 61: The Bluespot DMR Hotspot Testing and Brandmeister Net

Episode 61: The Bluespot DMR Hotspot Testing and Brandmeister Net

The Bluespot DMR Hotspot

The Bluespot DMR Hotspot (also called Bluestack) is a popular device to connect to the Brandmeister DMR Network. bluespot
This device is a small daughterboard would connects to a DVmega daughterboard, which is usually made to connect to a Raspberry Pi.  Instead of using the Pi, the Bluespot board connects to the DVmega board, and is powered by a microUSB connector.  This eliminates the need for a Raspberry Pi, and instead uses the radio in the DVMega board, which connects to the Bluespot board directly, which in turn uses Bluetooth to connect to any Android device for the purpose of having an internet connection.

That is a long explanation.  Here is a simple chart:

Your DMR Radio → keys up the DVmega board radio → connected to the Bluespot board → connects to an Android device via Bluetooth → Android device is connected to the internet via 3G/4G/ or WiFi.

In this video I show you how to connect the Bluespot device to both an Android phone and a Winbook tablet running Windows 8.1.  The tablet is what I currently have setup in my vehicle as a full-time connection to the Bluespot board.  On road trips I use this to connect to the network so that my Android phone is freed up for other tasks (like receiving phone calls, hi-hi).

The Brandmeister network is very active on a few talkgroups because people can use hotspots and go anywhere with them.  It makes it much easier and more versatile to get into the DMR network, instead of having to be in repeater range.


Bluespot Board to connect to the DVMEGA (cases are options on this page, and fit both boards for protection)
DVMEGA UHF Board from Gigaparts
DVMEGA Dualband (VHF/UHF) – Dual Band Version
Brandmeister TG3148 Facebook Page

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9 thoughts on “Episode 61: The Bluespot DMR Hotspot Testing and Brandmeister Net

  1. The BlueDV is probably the easiest to setup of the hotspot devices: BlueDV, OpenSpot and Rpi/DVMega. It took less than 10 minutes to get it up and running. I recently upgraded the firmware on the mega that provides the c4fm access…now makes the modes DMR, DStar and c4fm all working on BlueDV. I use the BlueDV for Windows software on an 8″ Lenovo table. The BlueDV is bluetoothed to the tablet. Great little unit and easy to take portable as well. Take a look at the posts our Facebook page Brandmeister Talk Group 3148 and thanks Jason for letting us open your video with the announcement of the net we have every Tuesday evening at 7pm Central on Brandmeister Talk Group 3148!

    Jerry – KG5JBC

    1. Thanks for the comments, Jerry.
      I need to update my device with work with Fusion also – looking forward to trying that out.
      I agree that this was the easiest on setup. The Openspot looks like it should be easier, but I am having trouble getting mine to work. With the Bluespot, I plugged it up, made sure the button was set for Bluetooth instead of USB connection, and it worked great ever since.

    1. I don’t believe there is an App for the iPhone, but I don’t have an iPhone to confirm that.

      Search your Apple store for an app called “BlueDV” If you can’t find that, search for “Bluespot” or search for the creator’s callsign, which is PA7LIM.

      Please post your results in here so that everyone can see.


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