Episode 179: Retevis RT84 Dual Band DMR Handheld Review

Episode 179: Retevis RT84 Dual Band DMR Handheld Review

A new dual band DMR HT is on the market from Retevis, with a model number of RT84. In this video, we try to load an RT82 codeplug into the radio, I show you the size comparison to the RT82, and we go through the menu of the radio. Some features of this radio match other DMR HTs and some features are different, so I hope you enjoy this short video.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 179: Retevis RT84 Dual Band DMR Handheld Review

    1. Hello,
      I am also from Germany and also looking for a code plug for Germany and Baden Würrtemberg.
      I just can not get the RT84 running with repeater DB0SAQ, DB0WTL and DB0BP. I’m already desperately looking for help in the internet and can not find anything. 73 Kai DO5DBW.

  1. Good Day
    I just bought it and it’s on it’s way. Should be here by the 25th. Retevis has a new firmware & a codeplug to download. that was just added to the down load page last week. I’m looking forward to trying out my new radio. A note on the Retevis RT-84 which for some reason looks just like the New BaoFeng DM-1701. Take a look at the new DM-1701 and see for yourself.

  2. Hi & Thanks for your reviews.

    I’m just curious why there’s noise on your voice recordings?
    Would expect better quality since your almost chewing that mike. 😉

    1. I’m not sure what noise you are referring to… there is no noise when I watch the video myself, from YouTube. I edit out some background hiss in all of my recordings.

      And yes, I am close to the mic because being father away would pull in even more background hiss and provide lower audio at the same time. I could adjust it if I wanted to, but honestly never felt the need because the finished product sounds pretty good.

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