Episode 108 – Debut of the Anytone AT-868UV Dual Band DMR HT

Episode 108 – Debut of the Anytone AT-868UV Dual Band DMR HT

Anytone AT-868UV Dual Band DMR HT

Anytone has joined the ranks of the Dual Band DMR Radios, and released this AT0868UV.  This is a sample radio, but when the production run is released, the radio will boast 3000 channels and 160,000 contacts.  This is a neat little rig, and I enjoyed reviewing it.  I will probably start carrying it soon because the CPS has an import feature that allows you to import contacts and channels from a spreadsheet, so building a codeplug should be easy.


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20 thoughts on “Episode 108 – Debut of the Anytone AT-868UV Dual Band DMR HT

    1. Each has their own short-comings right now. Each work well in other regards also. I know they are working on the firmware hack for the MD2017 like the MD380 has. I don’t know if that will ever come for the Anytone.

  1. Turn the radio Off before plugging or unplugging the programming cable. That is what your suppose to do on all radios.

  2. Great video, after watching it I’m pretty excited to upgrade from my MD380. Any word yet on when the production ones will hit the market?

  3. I have both the 2017 and the 868UV. The 868UV needs a firmware update or two. But I have to say its a great little radio. I don’t even pickup the 2017 anymore. In the CPS of the 868UV you can import channels and contacts. The CPS needs an update or two as well. I think the Anytone could take on TYT. I know dropping 400 plus on two radios isn’t anyone idea of have fun. But I come across the 868UV at a Ham Conv and opened the wallet. I’m glad I did. I will say the battery life on the 868UV is much much better then the 2017.

    1. Would you recommend the 868UV as a first radio? The TYT’s seem pretty solid, and I was originally thinking about the MD-380 because it’s less than $100 on a certain online retailer. However, each time I see a new radio on here my mind changes hahah 😀
      Even with the newer firmware on the 2017, I think that the trackball might get way to fiddly for my tastes.

      That really only leaves two questions:

      What is the retail price on the 868UV?
      What is the expected street date for them?

      I think I saw something about 10/7/2017 as the production run shipping, but so far no one has them for pre-order 🙁

      1. I think the 868UV will be a solid rig, yes. They are due to drop this month, and will be priced around $169.

  4. Im extremely new to DMR and Ham all together I only got my ham license a few months ago. I started off with the baeofang and cant wait to upgrade. I have been watching your channel for a few months now and enjoy all of the tid bits. After watching your video I decided to avoid the tyt md2017 mostly because of the antenna issue and I dont trust my repairing skills. So I just purchased the at-868uv and should be arriving soon. Thanks for you great work for us newbees. Curious thou do you have or know of a code plug for channels in the California area. Thanks again for your videos. They really help us new guys out, that are trying to learn and advance in this hobby.

    1. I almost forgot. Your video didn’t mention the APRS ability. Does it have it built in to go along with the GPS? I haven’t been able to find much on this…

      Best Regards.

  5. I am new to DMR and have recently purchased the TYT MD380 and, so far, I really like it. I like having the best of IRLP, nation-wide and international QSOs without tying up a local club repeater. My next step will be a hotspot of some type (we have mainly DMR-MARC repeaters here.) After that, a dual band HT to access the legacy FM repeaters which, in this area are primarily VHF, as well at DMR with one HT. Is there any chance you will do a follow-up review of the production UV868? Like many, I don’t think I would like the trackball on the MD2017 and the RT82 (are you listening TYT?)

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