Episode 109 – TYT MD-2017 Updates and Upgrades

Episode 109 – TYT MD-2017 Updates and Upgrades

TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR HT

TYT’s first attempt at a dual band DMR HT wasn’t 100% successful, but if you remember correctly, neither was the MD-380 when it first dropped.

The MD-2017 is still being sought-after and used by many Amateurs.  Some common problems (about a 8-10% failure rate) are the antenna connector, a bad display screen, and buttons on the radio that do not work.  I have seen maybe 3 radios with the bad display, and only 1 with buttons not working.

TYT is pretty good about addressing these issues.  In this video I show how to change out the bad antenna port, and then we do a firmware upgrade on the radio.  Both actions are fairly straight-forward.  Watch the video to learn more.


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11 thoughts on “Episode 109 – TYT MD-2017 Updates and Upgrades

  1. Hey Jason, Love your videos! Your doing a great job! I’m wondering if in upcoming episodes your going to demo the Radioddity GD77 and maybe eventually have a DMR Dual Band “Smackdown” (Pros/Cons) of all the dual band models to see which is the overall best. Also, maybe you can have Ty KG5RKI on an episode to demo what he has been doing with the firmware and his DMR Track website and John Miklor about how he developed his Baofeng Information website. Just some ideas for you. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work. 73’s

  2. Thanks for clarifying the wood name placard was for you desk, for a second I thought it had pin on the back for your shirt 🤣😂

  3. Glad you like the Walking Cane. Hope you always enjoy it. I always enjoy your shows, reviews and Nets that you participate in. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the important work…


  4. Hi.

    Do you have any information on the “Buttons not working” issue? My MD-2017 is doing this fault and it’s driving my nuts. I have the GPS version and the latest 100,000 contact firmware. I have dropped older firmware into it and the original shipped CPS with no success. The only way I can change channels or zones is with the trackball.

    Have searched high and low and your post is the only one that mentions this issue.


  5. Jason great video thanks I’m hoping my connector is one of the new ones but who knows, I purchased mine from my local supplier R&L and it was working fine until last Friday. I turn it on to monitor the Ohio group and later decided to check for traffic on the North American group. I changed the channel and the radio announced as normal but the screen did not change. I flipped back and forth several time each time it did change and the radio announced it but the display was unchanged. I turn off the power and let it power down and dark then power back up. Now the screen is just white. I you experience is the actual display that has gone bad or a loose cable. I noted you showing a small flat ribbon cable running from the back half of the unit to the front have is this the cable I have heard about that comes loose? I contact R&L and was over their 90 warranty then I wrote TYT a Mr. Jerry XU respond asking me to wait until the Chinese New Year is over this Saturday. Well I guess I’ll have to wait that long to even get a return authorization from him. 🙁 . Is there another contact?

    1. I’ve seen a few of these radios with the white screen issue, but never have found a fix for it. It seems to be a bad display.

  6. I am having a hard time with the new TYT MD-2017 that I bought at the 2018 Ham-com. I programmed in the info on the House repeater and cannot get it to connect up. I live in the Sherman,TX area and have also programmed in the analog repeaters from the area and they all work great, so I must have messed up somewhere. I had a friend load up his code plug into my laptop, so I have tons of talkgroups to work with. I double and triple checked my digital ID, the frequencies of the repeater, the color code, the time slots, and the codes for the groups going to the repeater and still I get nothing. I even went to the in-link website and made sure that my digital ID was active and in the database. Still, I get nothing from the digital side. Do you have any suggestions to help me get this thing on the air?

  7. Hi Jason. Always enjoy watching your shows. Very informative and thorough!! I have one question. Is TYT discontinuing the MD-2017? There are a lot of operators posting this on different forums and groups. I bought one used and it works just fine. I had a few issues with the MD-380 non GPS. The first one had multiple issues with the screen. R&L replaced it. I sold it after confirming it worked just fine.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!!
    Jamie W9JTC

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