Episode 149: Baofeng RD-5R Dual Band DMR Review

Today we talk about the Baofeng RD-5R Dual Band DMR HT. I found it to be a decent radio, but lacking the features that we have seen in several other Dual Band DMR HTs.  The audio quality is good, and it is a true Tier 2 radio, but the contacts list and channel capacity are still lacking, like radios were when DMR first entered the Amateur Radio market.  For a dual band, I would expect to see more features, but you can’t argue with the performance of this model.

For purchase information, see this link: https://amzn.to/2x6Acci


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  1. Ted, KB7YLU says:

    Re: Your comment on “Promiscuos Mode.”

    The Side Key buttons can be programmed, as we all know. One option is to set it to “Monitor.” When using my RD-5R on a Shark OpenSpot this allows me the option to monitor all traffic going through the OpenSpot. A friend (John, WD7F) and I were both using these radios and talking through his Shark OpenSpot. John gets all credit for noticing that he could “tailgate” in “Monitor Mode” and continue a QSO on the RD-5R without even having the talkgroup in his radio … because he was using “Monitor” mode and was on his OpenSpot at the same time.

    The trick is that you have to jump into the QSO, whille in monitor mode, within three (3) seconds of the carrier drop in order to continue in the QSO on the OpenSpot. Note: This is done without 1) being on the same talkgorup and 2) even without having that talkgroup in both radios.

    For example. I was on South Africa TG655 and John was on TAC 310 and he did not have TG655 in his code plug at all but we could talk back and forth.

    Learning more about the RD-5R every week. They are great little radios!

    Ted, KB7YLU

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