Episode 15: Unboxing the Zastone DP-880 DMR HT Radio

The Zastone DP-880 Handheld DMR Radio is an excellent, excellent addition to the DMR market for both Amateur and Commercial Radio. It incorporates some features that the other radios I’ve reviewed don’t have, such as a variable channel knob and Zones that aren’t limited to only 16-channels.

After having carried the DP-880 for about a month, I can honestly say it is one of my new favorite DMR radios. The performance of it is just a touch better than the TYT MD380, although it doesn’t have the larger color screen. I would place the receiver quality right up next to the Puxing Px-820 radio, and the audio transmit quality is just as good as the MD380 or Px820.

This is a neat radio. So far I have encountered no bugs with it at all. It works well, sounds good, and is well-made.

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  1. Keith Redmon says:

    I hope this is still one of your favorite radios. I just bought one and part of my decision was based on this video.

  2. Darrell says:

    Nice video do you still have it I am looking for one. For myself

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