Episode 226: Radioditty GD-73 DMR HT – Programming and Using

This is a new pocket-sized DMR HT from Radioditty. It would make a great radio for someone who uses a hotspot around the house or in a small area. Check out the video for programming info and some test QSOs that I did. GD-73 Giveaway:https://www.radioddity.com/pages/giveaway Product Link: https://bit.ly/2MXtGjf use coupon […] Read more »

Episode 83: Comparison of Digital Modes for Amateur Radio – Hamcation 2017

Jim Keeley, W1JJK, presents a forum from the Orlando Hamcation 2017 on a Comparison of Digital Modes for Amateur Radio.  Jim talks about DMR, DSTAR and Yaesu System Fusion; compares the pros and cons of each, talks about radios and price-points, along with features and enhancements. If you are looking […] Read more »