Episode 301: Anytone D578 Loading Contacts

Episode 301: Anytone D578 Loading Contacts

Loading the RadioID Contacts Database into the new Anytone AT-D578 Triband DMR Radio. This radio holds up to 300,000 contacts, and today I show you how to load all 149,000 that are currently listed on RadioID.net



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3 thoughts on “Episode 301: Anytone D578 Loading Contacts

  1. Here’s the reason why the CPS doesn’t work with Text CSV files from Libreoffice along with the work around for those who don’t want to invest in Microsoft Excel.

    Why: When saving a file as text Excel uses CRLF line ending whereas Calc uses LF for line endings. The CPS apparently was only designed to recognizes the CRLF end-of-line (EOL).

    Workaround: Unfortunately this is a multi step process and requires a text editor but the easiest way to work around this is
    (1) Save you changes as Text CSV in Calc and close Calc
    (2) Open the CSV in Notepad++ execute the following menu path: Edit > EOL Conversion > Windows (CR LF) and the save

    The EOL Conversion can be performed in a number of different methods using several different tools. The above is the method I use, it’s simple and uses free tools.

    73’s Randy

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