Episode 301: Anytone D578 Loading Contacts

Loading the RadioID Contacts Database into the new Anytone AT-D578 Triband DMR Radio. This radio holds up to 300,000 contacts, and today I show you how to load all 149,000 that are currently listed on RadioID.net



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3 Responses to “Episode 301: Anytone D578 Loading Contacts”

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  1. Randy Trowbridge says:

    Can’t you export from the 868/878 and import into the D578?

  2. Randy says:

    Here’s the reason why the CPS doesn’t work with Text CSV files from Libreoffice along with the work around for those who don’t want to invest in Microsoft Excel.

    Why: When saving a file as text Excel uses CRLF line ending whereas Calc uses LF for line endings. The CPS apparently was only designed to recognizes the CRLF end-of-line (EOL).

    Workaround: Unfortunately this is a multi step process and requires a text editor but the easiest way to work around this is
    (1) Save you changes as Text CSV in Calc and close Calc
    (2) Open the CSV in Notepad++ execute the following menu path: Edit > EOL Conversion > Windows (CR LF) and the save

    The EOL Conversion can be performed in a number of different methods using several different tools. The above is the method I use, it’s simple and uses free tools.

    73’s Randy

  3. Tim says:

    Randy, I was able to operate a SignaLink USB from a D578. I have a web page with the details:

    this is my personal web page.

    Tim N8NQH

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