Episode 231: DXmini Updates | Pi-star DMR/Dstar/Fusion Hotspot

Since my first video on the DXmini Hotspot for DMR / Fusion / DSTAR, there have been some updates to Pi-star itself, and some firmware updates to the screens on these terrific devices. Visit https://dxmini.com for hotspot info Gaming Power Bank: https://peepsquare.com/products/gamingpowerbank   Be sure to subscribe for more Ham […] Read more »

Episode 227: Anytone AT-D878UV Plus with Bluetooth

The newest Dual Band DMR HT from Anytone carries true APRS over analog frequencies and has a bluetooth option for connecting an included PTT button, 3rd party headsets and even built-in bluetooth systems in vehicles. Purchase the D878+ Radio Here: http://tinyurl.com/y69qzb4f Be sure to subscribe for more Ham Radio video: https://goo.gl/6hjh2J […] Read more »

Episode 226: Radioditty GD-73 DMR HT – Programming and Using

This is a new pocket-sized DMR HT from Radioditty. It would make a great radio for someone who uses a hotspot around the house or in a small area. Check out the video for programming info and some test QSOs that I did. GD-73 Giveaway:https://www.radioddity.com/pages/giveaway Product Link: https://bit.ly/2MXtGjf use coupon […] Read more »

Episode 225: AREDN Mesh Networking Q&A Livestream

This week I will be flashing the AREDN Mesh firmware onto a Ubiquiti Nanostation and showing the steps for that process. We will take questions during the stream on the Super Chat or you can email questions to QUESTIONS@livefromthehamshack.tv My list of AREDN supported devices: https://kit.com/kc5hwb/aredn-mesh-hardware AREDN Mesh Website: https://www.arednmesh.org/ […] Read more »

Episode 224: AREDN Mesh Routers from GL.iNet and Firmware Updates

Today I show 2 new routers that were added to the list of supported hardware devices for AREDN Mesh Networking Firmware. Made by GL.iNet, both of these routers offer some extra features that we haven’t seen yet, namely size and portability. GL.iNet USB 150: https://amzn.to/2lA6jPn GL.iNet AR150 Smart Router: https://amzn.to/2k58MRt […] Read more »

Episode 222: DMR Q&A Livestream

Our first DMR Q&A Livestream. Post in the comments below about what types of subjects you would like to see in upcoming livestreams. Be sure to subscribe for more Ham Radio video: https://goo.gl/6hjh2J If you want to support me, follow my Patreon link: https://goo.gl/FkESU6 Be sure to support my sponsors, […] Read more »