Episode 74: How To Program a DMR Codeplug for a Hotspot

How To Program a DMR Codeplug for use with a Hotspot

I see this question posted often in several of the Facebook groups that I follow, and since I share codeplugs for multiple radios from one of my other websites, I get emails with this question also.   I wanted to do a video that demonstrated how to setup your DMR codeplug to use your radio with a hotspot – be it a Bluespot, Openspot or MMDVM repeater, it doesn’t matter – this process would apply the same to any of these devices, or any other DMR hotspot that you might have.

In this video I will show you how to setup a codeplug for the MD380 and for the CS800 so that you can use either radio with a hotspot.  These instructions would apply to other radios also, using their respective software.

For the T-shirts that I display at the beginning of this show, see links below.  All T-shirt sales go to help fund this video series.


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  1. KG5EXW says:

    Love your show dude. Can you do one on the DV4mini?

    • kc5hwb says:

      I’ve not done one yet because i haven’t been able to get mine to work at all, so the review would be very unfavorable.


  1. […] http://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/2016/12/26/episode-74-how-to-program-a-dmr-codeplug-for-a-hotspot/ ——————————— Program your DMR codeplug for use for a DMR Hotspot. This question gets asked many times in the various Facebook groups for DMR, so I wanted to make a video that shows how to do this. […]

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