Episode 74: How To Program a DMR Codeplug for a Hotspot

Episode 74: How To Program a DMR Codeplug for a Hotspot

How To Program a DMR Codeplug for use with a Hotspot

I see this question posted often in several of the Facebook groups that I follow, and since I share codeplugs for multiple radios from one of my other websites, I get emails with this question also.   I wanted to do a video that demonstrated how to setup your DMR codeplug to use your radio with a hotspot – be it a Bluespot, Openspot or MMDVM repeater, it doesn’t matter – this process would apply the same to any of these devices, or any other DMR hotspot that you might have.

In this video I will show you how to setup a codeplug for the MD380 and for the CS800 so that you can use either radio with a hotspot.  These instructions would apply to other radios also, using their respective software.

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9 thoughts on “Episode 74: How To Program a DMR Codeplug for a Hotspot

    1. I’ve not done one yet because i haven’t been able to get mine to work at all, so the review would be very unfavorable.

  1. K9ABO Hams can NOT see my personal information displayed on their digital radio screens (Call sign, Name, City, Sate, Country, etc.) I have configured my Btech 6×2 I can see all my information on Brand Meister web, Pi-star page, all seem to be properly configured but reports from hams say there’s nothing showing from me, just blank screens. Can anyone please help, Thanks.

    1. What other hams see on the screen of their own radio has nothing to do with what you transmit. This means that the codeplug and contact list they are using in their own radio doesn’t have your info added to it. They need to update their equipment, it isn’t an update you can do.

  2. The grapevine website site won’t accept my visa card. It keeps re-routing me to Paypal, which I don’t use. The hamradio2 site takes me back to the grapevine site. Help me out dude!

    1. I use PayPal on the Grapevine website for the shopping cart, so you’ll have to use that. You don’t have to have a PayPal account, just choose “credit card” below the PayPal logo.

  3. does anyone has a codeplug for anytone d868uv for dual hotspot dmr? or what talkgroups can i put on slot 1 slot2?


  4. Thanks for the useful information, but I did find this video spent too long on commercials and waffle. There was actually on a couple of minutes of useful content. Please also remember, not all your viewers are in USA and thing are very different in other parts of the world.

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