Episode 157: Rugged Spot DMR/DSTAR/Fusion Pi-Star Hotspot

Rugged Spot DMR/DSTAR/Fusion Pi-Star Hotspot

From NexGen Hotspots, the Rugged Spot, one of their top sellers – a review.
The nice thing about this hotspot, over others, is that the company will set it up for you so that it automatically connects to your home wifi, making it a truly plug-n-play hotspot. Running on Pi-star, like many hotspots today, gives it the robust customization that end users are used to experiencing from the software.

If you are in the market for a new hotspot, this Rugged Spot is a good choice. The solid construction and sleek look of the device have impressed me.

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  1. jon o ericson says:

    want to get a hot spot

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