Episode 68: Unboxing and Testing the TYT MD-398 10-watt DMR HT

One of TYT’s newest DMR Handheld radios is this new MD-398.  It is advertised as a 10-wattdmr-logo-rgb-72dpi HT, but the problem is that is only works on Timeslot 1.  One of  the main features that DMR has over other digital modes is the ability to use 2 timeslots on the same frequency.  With this HT, you can’t transmit on Timeslot 2 on DMR repeaters or hotspots.  So that somewhat defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

I’ll test the output of this radio and show you what the menu and the programming software looks like.  Plus a short QSO with Frank, KG5AHJ.

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  1. Dejan says:

    Is it possible now to insert a second timeslot with the help of a new firmware (software) version on July 24, 2017? Version from the official website TYT!

  2. Themis says:

    Hello Jason, i have this radio the last 10 days and make same tests with my MMDVM/DMO Hotspot and MMDVM/DVMEGA hotspot. The resaults of this tests is very impresive because this radio working better from my MD390 with lower RX BER both them hotspots. The only modifacatition to make is newest firmware and modify the CPS XML menu file to view and second timeslot.

    73 SV4QXF Greece


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