The SharkRF Openspot is, by far, the most popular micro-repeater hotspot for Amateur Radio, mostly due to the ease of use and the fact that it’s been out for about 2 years.  Recently, Micro-node released another device, called the Nanospot, that is closer in price to the Openspot than their other hotspot devices.

In this video I talk about the differences between these 2 devices.  Both work very well and I would recommend either one to someone needing a hotspot device for the different digital modes available in Amateur Radio.

For a popular Nanospot setup video, visit Eric’s Video from HamRadioConcepts



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3 thoughts on “Episode 135: Comparing the Openspot and Nanospot Hotspots

  1. Great video…these hotspots seem to open up a lot of possibilities for broader DMR access. Is this the basic approach when you want to join networks and talkgroups that your local area repeater doesn’t subscribe to? Also, is there such as thing as a hotspot that can be a proxy to a specific network and talkgroup on your behalf? Ex: Using a regular 2m/70cm radio without DMR capabilities that can provide analog audio to the hotspot and then have it converted as a client to a DMR network/talkgroup?

    Really enjoying the videos and the modern Ham topics!

  2. This is Amazing.

    I watched several episodes and it just keeps repeating over & over – all the episodes are 200% longer than needed because of the endless talk on Everything BUT the main subject. So tedious.


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