Episode 185: TYT MD-UV380 Firmware Updates for 2019

Since the new FCC rules are out for locking down radios from China, to prevent them from transmitting outside of the Amateur Radio bands, TYT has made some updates to the 18.03 firmware. Take a look at this video to see how to “unlock” your TYT MD-UV380 or MD-UV390 radio with this firmware.

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32 Responses to “Episode 185: TYT MD-UV380 Firmware Updates for 2019”

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  1. Delvin workman says:

    Hi. K7BM

    Great website .
    New uv380 out of the Box . Password all 9 msg reads wrong password. Use all 0 is good But you are still

    Locked out. Do I need to load code plug first. ? !This was not clear . Thanks del/spokane 73

    • kc5hwb says:

      Shouldn’t need a codeplug first, but in all the years I’ve dealt with TYT DMR radios, I haven’t ever seen one that has 0’s for the password. It sounds like you have a model that was previously owned and someone changed the password, or perhaps you have some kind of custom firmware on it. Since the password has been changed on your model, I suspect other things might be also. Contact the place you got the radio.

      • Andrew Doyle says:

        I have same problem bought the radio second hand and cant reprogram it as it asks for a password and the previous owner wont give me it. Can anyone help

    • Ssara says:

      default password is eight zeros

  2. Delvin workman says:

    Hi. I have two tyt mduv380. One is a yr old and works fine. The new mduv380 I rcvd from you is giving me a migrain.

    So here is the glitch. With mduv380 software I see the error msg wrong model.

    If I use md390 software I can read the software from the new ht but I can not write to it…..

    My tyt md390 and my tyt mduv380 both communicate with out any errors .

    I watched your passwd routine a couple of times. Radio remains locked . Do I need a newer usb cable to use this new ht.
    Thanks. Pass a long any thoughts you have. 73 del k7bm

    • kc5hwb says:

      There are 2 types of software, GPS and non-GPS. It doesn’t matter if the software name is for a 380 or 390, they are the same. So make sure you are using a GPS version.
      The unlock has nothing to do with the USB cable. You have the hold the buttons down while powering on the radio, and hold them until the boot screen finishes.

  3. Delvin workman says:

    Thank you. My purchase rcvd yesterday. Ref number 4275 / GAR.

  4. Jay Smith says:

    What about the MD-9600 All of my entered vhf frequencies transmit and receive at 150.000 Mhz the UHF ones seem to be ok?

  5. Jay Smith says:

    I’m having the same kind of problems on my MD-9600 the programmed VHF frequencies transmit and receive at 150.000Mhz the UHF Frequencies seem to work

    • kc5hwb says:

      Probably the same thing, then. I haven’t toyed with the MD-9600 yet. I will check with TYT about how to unlock it

      • Jay Smith says:

        i got a hold of Radioddity they immediately send me a link to a file that you could use to set the radio to the proper frequencies. The radio is shipped “locked” for FCC compliance.

  6. Larry Norris says:

    I got my UV-380 back to day no programmming cable Not happy going to sell radio not buying any more TYT crap

  7. Michael Cage says:

    Just spent a complete Saturday trying to get my new md-uv380 working properly. So looking forward to working DMR. Its current state is CPS v01.10, Hardware v02.01 and MCU v018.003.

    The two button & power on unlock only works on the UHF side not the VHF side. The VHF side will not Tx below 150Mhz. Have verified this condition via frequency counter.

    Please tell me I have just missed something stupid. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Paul Bickwermert says:

    Hi again. I did finally get a code plug and I ended up getting a jumbo hotspot so I can use it since I only have one dmr repeater within 75 miles of my location. Luckily I can now get into the same room as my semi-local repeater. I have the MD-UV380 like your video above and I have another question. Have you tried any after-market firmware on this radio? I tried but I could not get it to boot up after it loaded successfully. (It would not come out of programming mode when I would turn it off and back on, it would just flash red-green.) Any ideas there? I was able to downgrade my firmware to v17 from v18 to get the radio to work again. v18 is not even available on the tyt website. Well, thanks again for any help or insight you may be able to give me.


  9. Jim D says:

    Does the PPT ID function in the MD-UV380 utilize MDC1200 signalling? Can you show how to use?

  10. Jim says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Was going over the codeplugs..over and over….calling it names, cursing peoples ancestors. Voodoo too. This fixed it (the buttons).

  11. Michael Cage says:

    Hey Guys,

    Still stuck on the same problem. VHF will only TX >= 150Mhz. Is this something unique or do I need to send the radio back to the seller. Have requested help in several groups and sent an email to TYT (nothing). The 2 button power up works on the UHF side but no joy on VHF. Mike Cage – N4YFV

  12. Dmitriy says:

    where can I find this firmware

  13. chameau thierry says:

    tyt nest pas la dernière version

  14. Fred (N9MRQ) says:

    I recently purchased my first DMR, a TYT MD-UV380 w/ GPS (i regret not buying it from Grapevine…) anyway, i followed your video hoping to solve a couple of problems. 1. the CPS1.10 software doesn’t give me the GPS options for my DMR channels and 2. I am only showing the capability of storing 10,000 contacts, not even enough for all US users, not to mention the 20 or so TG’s I’d like to have saved… any suggestions or avenues I should track down?

    • kc5hwb says:

      Did you read a fresh codeplug from the radio into the CPS? If so, then you do not have a GPS radio if you don’t see GPS options. IF not, then you need to read from the radio you have so that the CPS knows which version it is.

      For the contacts, you need to load the CSV version of the firmware.

  15. juan says:

    Thank you, my team can now operate in all vhf and uhf bands. Now it detected another problem updating the firmware. My equipment does not switch from MR to VFO despite having well configured “freq / channel mode = freq” I am using a backup codeplug you previously switched correctly between MR and vfo, now the problem is reproduced when upgrading from S017.005 to S18. 09. What can happen?

  16. Jim Coulter K7QCK says:

    Wish I had known about you before I ordered my TYT MD-UV380 with GPS. I am having a problem the supplied Software CD comes back Wrong Model Radio. They have 3 or 4 on their site, but it is as if they all hit a “DUH” With my problem. Do you know which on line Software I need for this radio?

    • kc5hwb says:

      380 or 390 doesn’t matter. Use the GPS version if you have a GPS radio or the non-GPS version if you have the non-GPS radio. That is all that matters.

  17. Andrew Doyle says:

    Hello I bought a tyt md-380 from someone I no they have programmed it themself but if I try reprogram the radio it asks for a password and idk how to get passed this is there any other way to bypass this

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