Episode 185: TYT MD-UV380 Firmware Updates for 2019

Since the new FCC rules are out for locking down radios from China, to prevent them from transmitting outside of the Amateur Radio bands, TYT has made some updates to the 18.03 firmware. Take a look at this video to see how to “unlock” your TYT MD-UV380 or MD-UV390 radio with this firmware.

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12 Responses to “Episode 185: TYT MD-UV380 Firmware Updates for 2019”

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  1. Delvin workman says:

    Hi. K7BM

    Great website .
    New uv380 out of the Box . Password all 9 msg reads wrong password. Use all 0 is good But you are still

    Locked out. Do I need to load code plug first. ? !This was not clear . Thanks del/spokane 73

    • kc5hwb says:

      Shouldn’t need a codeplug first, but in all the years I’ve dealt with TYT DMR radios, I haven’t ever seen one that has 0’s for the password. It sounds like you have a model that was previously owned and someone changed the password, or perhaps you have some kind of custom firmware on it. Since the password has been changed on your model, I suspect other things might be also. Contact the place you got the radio.

  2. Delvin workman says:

    Hi. I have two tyt mduv380. One is a yr old and works fine. The new mduv380 I rcvd from you is giving me a migrain.

    So here is the glitch. With mduv380 software I see the error msg wrong model.

    If I use md390 software I can read the software from the new ht but I can not write to it…..

    My tyt md390 and my tyt mduv380 both communicate with out any errors .

    I watched your passwd routine a couple of times. Radio remains locked . Do I need a newer usb cable to use this new ht.
    Thanks. Pass a long any thoughts you have. 73 del k7bm

    • kc5hwb says:

      There are 2 types of software, GPS and non-GPS. It doesn’t matter if the software name is for a 380 or 390, they are the same. So make sure you are using a GPS version.
      The unlock has nothing to do with the USB cable. You have the hold the buttons down while powering on the radio, and hold them until the boot screen finishes.

  3. Delvin workman says:

    Thank you. My purchase rcvd yesterday. Ref number 4275 / GAR.

  4. Jay Smith says:

    What about the MD-9600 All of my entered vhf frequencies transmit and receive at 150.000 Mhz the UHF ones seem to be ok?

  5. Jay Smith says:

    I’m having the same kind of problems on my MD-9600 the programmed VHF frequencies transmit and receive at 150.000Mhz the UHF Frequencies seem to work

    • kc5hwb says:

      Probably the same thing, then. I haven’t toyed with the MD-9600 yet. I will check with TYT about how to unlock it

      • Jay Smith says:

        i got a hold of Radioddity they immediately send me a link to a file that you could use to set the radio to the proper frequencies. The radio is shipped “locked” for FCC compliance.

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