RFinder Android DMR Radio Review

My Episode 60 was an interview with Bob, W2CYK, the founder of the RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory, and rfinder-h1c-k0nr-editcreator of this Android DMR Device.  This video, Episode 70, will be my video of the device itself.

This is a neat device.  It is a full Android phone, running OS 5.1 (Lollipop), with a 3G radio, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and everything else you would expect of an Android Smartphone.  On top of that, it has a monoband 2-way radio built-in, which will transmit on analog and DMR.  This allows the user to download and install the RFinder app from the Google play store, open the app and use the phone’s GPS to find the repeaters closest to you, then choose a repeater from the app, which sends the repeater details to the built-in 2-way radio, and programs all needed parameters; TX/RX frequency and CTCSS for analog, TX/TX frequency, Timeslot, Color Code and Talkgroup for DMR.


Anyone can operate this device from any location, using the RFinder app and clicking on links.  No programming cables or software is required.  Change repeaters anytime you want, and also edit the repeater settings, in case you find something that is wrong, so that you can still get on the air.  Report updates to the RFdinder admins through the app so that next time, the automatically loaded info is correct.  Find repeaters with Echolink in RFinder, click on the link, and open the Echolink app on your phone to automatically connect to any node.

Check the video below for instructions on performing the above steps.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 70: RFinder Android DMR Radio Review

  1. When you’re in a QSO on a DMR repeater does the radio display the other stations DMR ID? I’ve looked at several YouTube videos for the RFinder radio and can’t see anything on the display showing a DMR ID when the radio is in QSO on DMR.

      1. OK, that must of been added to the firmware or something after they post the other YouTube videos. DO you know what the differences are between the H1 and the M1 RFinder UHF radio they’re selling from the RFinder store? It looks like the size has changed. Seems shorter but a little wider. Any other differences you may know about? Wonder if they use the same firmware?

        1. Yes it was added after I got this unit. They are working on adding names and callsigns that match-up to the subscriber IDs also.

          For the differences, I cover most of this in the video

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