The 2015 Texoma Hamarama in Ardmore, OK was much smaller than years past, only due to the bad weather during that weekend.  We had lots of rain and thunderstorms in the Dallas/Ft Worth area during the 1-2 days prior to the Hamfest, and on the Friday of the Hamfest.  During the drive North of I-35, we had some traffic backups due to weather, and the storms continued into the Ardmore area also.  This thunderstorm, which lasted until Sunday of that weekend, kept the attendance down at this year’s show.  It’s too bad too, this is usually a great Hamfest.  It was still good to see all the vendors that I meet at these shows, and I also met a few patrons who were previous customers, but the crowd was definitely smaller than year’s past.  Hopefully next year the weather will allow the Hamarama guys to have a more well-attended show.

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