The Belton HamExpo is one of my favorites because it is somewhat close to me, its a great venue, and it is held twice every year. This is the only Hamfest I am aware of that is done twice a year – once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

I’ve been attending this Hamfest as a vendor since the Fall of 2013. In the Spring of this year, 2015, the weather was very poor, so the tailgating in the parking lot didn’t draw many folks. The inside vendor sales were fine, but I think attendance suffered due to the weather. However, this nice Spring Saturday in October of 2015 made up for the bad weather during the previous April. The parking lot was full of tailgaters, both sellers and buyers, from about 7am Friday morning until evening time, and then for most of the day on Saturday. I didn’t arrive until Friday afternoon, so I didn’t get to partake earlier in the day, but Friday evening and Saturday were both very good.

The Expo Center has a large parking lot where vendors and patrons will setup travel trailers and camp overnight for this event. Usually Corey, KG5AHI, and I will setup my popup camper and spend the night here. However, next Spring, I think I want to try and arrive earlier on Friday and setup for the tailgate event, then I will move inside as a vendor on Saturday like I normally do.

However you decide to attend the Belton HamExpo, it is a fun time. A few vendors have lots of great items, and you can always find good used gear at this show. Some shows have used junk all over the tables without much value to anything, but the HamExpo has good prices on used gear that is in great condition. And with a huge selection.

Leaving aside HamCom, Belton is probably the best Hamfest in Texas. HamCom draws the really big names and is also a 2-day event, but Belton is more laid-back, happens twice a year, and is a good time of fellowship with other Hams as well as good deals on gear.

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