Episode 30: Unboxing the BaofengTech UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radio

Episode 30: Unboxing the BaofengTech UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radio

Today I unbox and test the BaofengTech (BTECH) UV-5001 dual band mobile radio.  This is Baofeng’s first dual band mobile radio at high-power, pushing over 50-watts per band, as you will see in my test results.  It’s little brother is the UV-2501, which is basically the same radio as the Juentaii JT-6188, with a few updated features.

This is a pretty nice little radio for the money.  It has less channels than the TYT TH-7800, and have the option for remote-head mounting like the TH-7800 does, but it also costs a bit less.

Check the video below and let me know what you think.  Also the 5th person to sign up for my PayPal subscription service will receive this demo radio for free.  I have less than 1-hour of air time on the radio and guarantee it to work 100%.

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10 thoughts on “Episode 30: Unboxing the BaofengTech UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radio

  1. As of 2/5/16, I have 2 contributors. The 5th one will receive this UV-5001 radio in the mail, a gift for donating. Thanks for your support.

  2. So if i contribute 3 more times…. its still cheaper than the cost of buying a radio…. hmmmm 😉

    You should have done this with the demo of the TYT 7800 …. i would have definitely donated to get that radio !

    Like what your doing bud, keep up the great videos !

    1. Thanks Reagon. Yea this idea is new, but I plan to do the same setup with most reviews that I do from this point forward. I’m glad you like the vids.

  3. Subscription done!.. Love the videos.. I was looking to purchase my first decent mobile unit and was torn between several models.. Your videos helped me make up my mind on which one would work best for me. All other vids i found were poor quality and only lasted a few minutes.. But to watch you go thru everything on the radiofor around an hour is impressive. Thanks for the help!

  4. Vanessa S. is our winner for this radio! Vanessa, I will contact you via email and gather your info, then ship the radio to you. Let me know if you have questions.

    Thanks all and 73, the prize for this video is now complete, but I have other giveaways on other videos, so please watch the newer episodes.


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