Episode 66: General License Training Class

Episode 66: General License Training Class

Element 3: 2015-2019 FCC General License Training Class

At long last – the General License Training Class videos are finally here.  This is a 3-part session that took some time to edit.  I wasn’t happy with the session I recorded in Spring of 2016, so I had to wait until September for the  W5HRC club’s next class.  Then editing, traveling and all of the other videos pushed it back some – but it is finally here and good until 2019.  So you have about 2.5 years to go get your upgrade.  Let me know in the comments below once you pass your exam!

Several times during the intros to these 3 videos, I mention the Technician Class and say it is Episode 38.  That is a mistake – it is actually Episode 35.  You can find those videos at this link.

Special thanks to the Hurst Amateur Radio Club for putting on this class and allowing me to record it.  If you are local to the Dallas / Ft Worth area, the Hurst Club offers a Technician Class and a General Class, each twice per year.  Other clubs in the area also offer Technician classes, so contact your local club and inquire.

This class follows the W5YI General Class Study Guide.  Also available on Amazon

Good luck on getting your upgrade, and I hope to hear you and work you on the HF bands!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 66: General License Training Class

    1. I’ve been working on that for a while now. The question pool just updated, so those very few places that were teaching the Extra Class with the old question pool haven’t updated their class sessions yet. I believe one of the local clubs will be offering something after Jan 1, so I am keeping in contact with them, but I am also looking for other avenues. For obvious reasons, these classes are harder to find.

  1. i’m viewing your General video and haveing a difficult time viewing your answers to the questions.

    You are hi-lighting the answers in what appears to be yellow, which becomes somewhat washed out on my laptop.

    I think it might be better to hi-light in red or black so they stand out better and are more legible; or,use a big ole check mark next to the letter of the correct answer.

    Your written comments on your slides that are hi-lighted in yellow are also very hard to read on my laptop.

    now, enough complaining, your present a hell of a good presentation. Thank you

    1. Hi Ron, thanks for the comments.

      I didn’t present these slides or class, I just recorded them. But I will relay this information to the presenter for future reference.


  2. The time has come to get reading for my Extra class exam! I want to say thank you for posting the Ham Radio 2.0 Technician and General classes on YouTube. Those video classes were instrumental in the passing of my exams and were perfect for listening to on the way to and from work every day. I have been following you on YouTube for a while now and cannot find an Extra Class exam prep course. Is this something you have posted and I am missing? Missed you at Hamfest Dayton this year hopefully get to meet next year in person. Again thank you for your support in Ham Radio!


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