HamCom 2016

HamCom is the largest Hamfest in Texas, and always a good show.  This was the first year that I purchased a table as a vendor for HamCom, and it was a fun experience.  I also did 5 video recordings during HamCom 2016, this is the first one, which is just an overview, then I have 4 others that were Forum Presentations at the show.  Those next 4 videos will post in the next day or so, be watching for them.

It was nice getting to see BridgeCom, Elecraft, Buddipole, Main Trading Company, and N3BB at the show.  My booth was in between N3BB and BridgeCom, so I got some time to chat with those nice folks.

I’ve already formulated a plan for next year, and will to sharing that at time goes by.  For now, take a look at this video and let me know what you think.

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