BFDX TD-503 and TD-505 DMR Radios

One of the first DMR HT radios I bought and tried was the BFDX TD-501.  The issue with this radio, as td503fyou will learn in the video, is that, while it worked on Analog, it didn’t have a tone-board for CTCSS.  So if your UHF Analog repeater didn’t require a CTCSS tone, this radio was useful.  But in a major metropolitan area like DFW, most all repeaters are on CTCSS Encode, at least.  The lack of CTCSS board in this radio made it basically fall flat in the Amateur world, although for commercial and business users, it is still viable.

Enter the TD-503, a larger, more durable radio with a large color screen.  This radio was hot for a while, mostly among commercial and business users again, but I was able to sell quite a few of them to Amateurs also.

The newest model, labeled the TD-505, has a smaller form-factor overall, but retains the large color screen like its older sibling.  Still viable in both the Amateur and Commercial markets, the BFDX TD-series of HT radios make good additions to the FCC-type-accepted DMR Handheld radios in the USA.

Take a look at this video and let me know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 42: A look at the BFDX DMR HT Radios

  1. hello, thanks for the video, but it sold?
    I find, online sales shops.
    where to find stores?

    a greeting!

  2. Hi, I have a TD-503, but it only has 160 channels. I have been told that there is an upgrade that will increase the number of channels to 1000. Do you know anything about this or where I might be able to get this? Love the radio otherwise. Thanks.

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