Episode 127: TYT MD-9600 DMR Mobile Radio, Version 3

MD-9600 DMR Mobile Radio, Version 3

My first video about this radio was posted in July of 2017, and is still getting hits today.  It is one of the more popular videos on this series.

Version 3 of the MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Mobile radio from TYT has fixed most of the issues that were present in the first 2 versions. In this video I show you the radio menu, make a couple of QSOs, and record the first part of the Texas Statewide DMR Net on our local 3148 Talkgroup.



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  1. Jay Farlow, W9LW says:

    Did you find out what causes the delay associated with the outlined “D”?

    • kc5hwb says:

      It is the Admit Criteria – apparently the MD9600 changed some settings in the codepluyg because I used my MD29017 codeplug and it doesn’t behave in this manner.

    • Think for showing us this video is there any firm wear or soft wear to factory reset my radio TYT MD 9600. ? Can you help; I tried to program ITS NEED TO BE REPROGRAM like when I got from the factory

  2. Terry LaBrier says:

    Jason, I won an MD-9600 at a November 2017 Hamfest. The Version shows 1.0. Can I upgrade to Version 2 or am I’m locked in as Version 1?

    • kc5hwb says:

      No, the different versions are hardware changes, not firmware. You are stuck with V1 and the firmware made for that model.

  3. gilles says:

    I own a version 2 and there is sometimes a 1 to 1.5 seconde delay before decoding when on simplex frequency. Does not happen on repeater frequency. Could you try that on simplex?


  4. Robin says:

    2 questions :
    Can you update version 2 (2.0) to version 3 (2.01) ? and how ( just download and install firrmware from tyt888.com ?)

    I will buy a brand new one : How do I know if the new one I want to buy is version 1, version 2 or version 2.01 ( please give me the exact procedure with the choice in the menu)


    Robin (VA2NRJ)

    • kc5hwb says:

      No, the different versions are hardware, not software or firmware. The best way to know is ask your retailer.

  5. Gene D Kaiser says:

    Is tyt offering replacements to us that have the release 1 And 2 versions? or are we stuck with defective hardware radio’s ?

    • kc5hwb says:

      TYT is offering replacements to the vendors, yes. So contacts the vendor where you first purchased the radio and see what they can offer you.

  6. KG5ZLG James says:

    I just purchased an MD-9600 v3 and flashed the firmware to 6.03 with 100k contacts. I am looking for a codeplug with the nationwide DMR contacts. Is that available anywhere? So far, all my internet searches have been fruitless.

  7. Matt says:

    How do you figure out what version it is?

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