Episode 111 – BaofengTech UV-50X2 Power Testing

Episode 111 – BaofengTech UV-50X2 Power Testing

BaofengTech UV-50X2

This is a short video on the BaofengTech UV-50X2, which has been out for a while, but still seems to be a popular radio.  With the power tests performed here, I think this would be a great addition to any vehicle needing a VHF/UHF radio.  Check out the video below


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5 thoughts on “Episode 111 – BaofengTech UV-50X2 Power Testing

  1. Does the uv-50×2 do cross band repeat, ie, can you go in on 70 cm and work a duplex 2 m repeater and vice Versa?

  2. Hello Jason. I saw you on You Tube and followed you back here. Saw your review of this BTech UV-50X2. I have that radio and noticed that the cooling fan blows air inward into the radio instead of blowing it toward the outside and at the external heat sinks. Even on LOW power this unit runs the fan hard. I actually own 2 of these units and they both have the fan blowing towards the inside. Kind of has me wondering if they were installed backwards. But since this unit pumps out allot of power, maybe the fan does need to direct the air towards the INSIDE of the radio. Could you please confirm with me that this radio does have the fan direction pushing the air flow INTO the radio correctly ? My thinking is that it should be pushing the air OUTWARDS to the external heat sinks. Keep up the great videos ! Thanks again !

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