Episode 64: Unboxing and Testing the Kenwood TH-D74A Triband DSTAR HT

Episode 64: Unboxing and Testing the Kenwood TH-D74A Triband DSTAR HT


Kenwood TH-D74A Triband DSTAR HT

I first got to see this new Kenwood TH-D74A Triband DSTAR HT at Dayton in 2016.  In my Dayton video, I recorded the display of this radio, which was inside of a clear case that we could see through, but couldn’t actually handle the radio.  I was disappointed with being unable to handle the radio, but I was more disappointed that this radio incorporated DSTAR instead of DMR

Fast forward from May to October of 2016 and the radio is finally available.  With a pretty high price tag, I don’t imagine this radio will be a fast mover, but you never know.  I am sure that some of you die-hard DSTAR fans out there will love this radio.  And honestly, you should – with the exception of the high price tag, I don’t find any fault with the unit.

I really do like this radio.  I am planning to keep it, and I don’t always do that because I often like to purchase a radio, do the review, then sell the radio so that I can use the money to buy other equipment to review on this series.  But since the 220MHz band is up-and-coming in the DFW area, and since I am interested in learning more about, and using, DSTAR; I’m planning to hang onto this unit.

Kenwood TH-D74A – Use this link if you are interested in purchasing the radio.

At the time of this post, I am at 2780 subscribers!  That is about 80 more subscribers than I had when I posted the previous episode only 4 days ago.  WOW!  I’m excited to see this series growing so quickly!

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