Episode 138: Unboxing the TYT MD-UV380/390 Dual Band DMR HT

Watch the video – I did get the updated CPS and Firmware for this model.  You can find all of that here – Download Link

Get Firmware 16.05 or later, along with CPS 1.05 or CPS 1.06.  That will allow you to load the CVS file for the contacts into the radio.

This is the video for the newest Dual Band DMR HT from TYT.  The MD-UV380 and MD-UV-390 are similar to the original monoband models in look and feel, but similar to the MD-2017 in features, menus and performance.  A good addition to the Dual Band DMR HT inventory that we already have.

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  1. frank lagodzinski says:

    I Have the MD-UV 380,I put in a code plug at least i think i did it right. but I can’t heafr anyone on any TG, when i key up the radio nothing,then unkey all I hear is a low tone. what am i doing wrong….ps i enjoy all of your videos.

  2. John Kingzton says:

    What type of receiver does the TYT MD-UV390 have?

  3. Julio A Lopez says:

    I’ve seen several MD-380 in the market that only make reference to 70 cms band.
    do they also have 2 mts band? all of them has both bands?

  4. KI8IK says:

    Any idea on how to get 100K contacts on an MD-UV380? Mine seems to max out at 10K. I’ve tried the latest firmware and CPS 1.08, and also the latest N0GSG contact manager (2.60) which now supports this radio.
    Mike – KI8IK

    • kc5hwb says:

      N0GSG is a contact manager and doesn’t have anything to do with firmware.

      You need to load the firmware called “CSV” instead of the one called “REC”. There are 2 options of firmware for each version, and I think that the radio comes default with the “REC” version. REC records audio while CSV allows you to add the 100,000 contacts.

      • KI8IK says:

        I’ve tried both the latest CSV and REC that were recently posted, 17.05 I believe, both seem to only bring in 10K contacts from a 99K csv file. Do I need to start with a new empty codeplug after updating? I’ve just been using the one I originally created when the 10K limit was in effect and trying to bring in additional contacts.
        Thanks for the help!

        • Steve says:

          In the CPS, use the function under “Write Contacts”. Do not load the user database as regular contacts as that has a limit of 10K. Use “Contacts” for storing group and private talk groups as contacts instead. Also, make sure you have the correct firmware to handle CSV and lastly, enable userdatabase in the menu on your radio to get it to work. lots of UV380 coverage on notebook.hvdn.org if you want to have a look.

  5. Tom says:

    Good afternoon,

    So I recently bought a MD-UV390 and had issues with it communication with my computer for programming, was receiving the “wrong model” error, I’m new to this radio thing, I went on the TYT website and upgraded the firmware, that totally screwed my radio up, all the text and icons are not readable. Can I factory reset it? if so how? any ideas? My radio had a firmware of D016.006 and CPS v01.07. I appreciate the help.


    • Nick says:

      Tom, I myself ran into this same issue with the same radio this week. I bought the MD-UV390, you take off the battery and the label on the radio states UV390 and it does on the box as well. I downloaded the most recent CPS software and Firmware 17.05. Plugged the radio into the computer to read from the radio to store it as the factory default plug in case I ever wanted to wipe it clean. That is when I was presented with the same error you got “wrong model”. So thinking maybe I needed to flash it with the most recent firmware to use it with the newest CPS v1.06 as stated for the 390. So I flashed it with the current 17.05 firmware (CSV-GPS). Then this is where the problems and strange things started to happen. Turn the radio on and it won’t boot past the splash screen. Mind you I am also using the most recent DMR Firmware Program included with the zip v3.04. Tried it over and over and still the same results. Thought maybe something was wrong with my radio. I went to my friends house Jason KG5UBV who builds the DXMini hotspots since he has the same UV390 radio. He tried it with 2 different earlier versions of the firmware 16.05 and 16.06 and the most recent 17.05 with the same results. Wouldn’t boot past the splash screen. So at this point we thought what the hell it seems to be bricked and for shit and giggles we tried it with the 380 v17.05 firmware and boom it boots and is functional. What turned to joking about watching this work now to what the hell. So we proceed to install his code plug he uses on his UV390 and he plugs it into his CPS software he uses and same error “wrong model”. At this point we are like well lets try the UV380 CPS as things are already weird since it took the 380 firmware and not the 390. Boom it works! So it appears I have a UV390 case and box but with UV380 internals. Also noticed that when you install both CPS programs from the zip for the UV380 or UV390 the desktop icon both say v1.06. One says CPS-MD390 v1.06 and the other for the 380 says CPS-MD390 v1.06 when actually the CPS MD380 should be v1.07 according to the zip. So ether TYT screwed up on their firmware package or I got a 390 with 380 internals. I am guessing the later since if the firmware was messed up with the 390 I should be finding more people complaining about it since it is from Sept. So if you’re still having this problem or anyone comes across this same problem and you have a UV390 and trying to update the firmware then try the UV380 firmware and UV380 CPS from the recent release and it will probably solve your problem. Which means you were shipped a UV380 in a UV390 case and box. 73

      • Steve K2GOG says:

        The best way to think about this is A) There are two GPS variants. the MD-UV380G and the MD-UV390G. The UV390 has additional water resistance. Both radios are electrically the same. Firmware for the MD-UV390G is what you need to use with both versions. B) There are two versions that DO NOT have GPS. These are the MD-UV380 and MD-UV390. Both radios are identical electrically. You can only use the non-GPS versions of firmware. C) There are 4 different firmware versions. 2 that offer CSV and REC and 2 that offer CSV and GPS. I created a table that compares what is best. http://notebook.hvdn.org/2018/08/firmware-update-tyt-md-uv380390-update.html D) Retevis offers a radio called the RT-3s that is identical to the TYT and has the same sort of GPS/non-GPS issues. Recently Retevis released the RT83 which is the same as all radios mentioned, but in a different casing. E) Loading the wrong F/W will not let the radio move past the boot screen, so load the right firmware only.

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