Episode 138: Unboxing the TYT MD-UV380/390 Dual Band DMR HT

Watch the video – I did get the updated CPS and Firmware for this model.  You can find all of that here – Download Link

Get Firmware 16.05 or later, along with CPS 1.05 or CPS 1.06.  That will allow you to load the CVS file for the contacts into the radio.

This is the video for the newest Dual Band DMR HT from TYT.  The MD-UV380 and MD-UV-390 are similar to the original monoband models in look and feel, but similar to the MD-2017 in features, menus and performance.  A good addition to the Dual Band DMR HT inventory that we already have.

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  1. frank lagodzinski says:

    I Have the MD-UV 380,I put in a code plug at least i think i did it right. but I can’t heafr anyone on any TG, when i key up the radio nothing,then unkey all I hear is a low tone. what am i doing wrong….ps i enjoy all of your videos.

  2. John Kingzton says:

    What type of receiver does the TYT MD-UV390 have?

  3. Julio A Lopez says:

    I’ve seen several MD-380 in the market that only make reference to 70 cms band.
    do they also have 2 mts band? all of them has both bands?

  4. KI8IK says:

    Any idea on how to get 100K contacts on an MD-UV380? Mine seems to max out at 10K. I’ve tried the latest firmware and CPS 1.08, and also the latest N0GSG contact manager (2.60) which now supports this radio.
    Mike – KI8IK

    • kc5hwb says:

      N0GSG is a contact manager and doesn’t have anything to do with firmware.

      You need to load the firmware called “CSV” instead of the one called “REC”. There are 2 options of firmware for each version, and I think that the radio comes default with the “REC” version. REC records audio while CSV allows you to add the 100,000 contacts.

      • KI8IK says:

        I’ve tried both the latest CSV and REC that were recently posted, 17.05 I believe, both seem to only bring in 10K contacts from a 99K csv file. Do I need to start with a new empty codeplug after updating? I’ve just been using the one I originally created when the 10K limit was in effect and trying to bring in additional contacts.
        Thanks for the help!

        • Steve says:

          In the CPS, use the function under “Write Contacts”. Do not load the user database as regular contacts as that has a limit of 10K. Use “Contacts” for storing group and private talk groups as contacts instead. Also, make sure you have the correct firmware to handle CSV and lastly, enable userdatabase in the menu on your radio to get it to work. lots of UV380 coverage on notebook.hvdn.org if you want to have a look.

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