Episode 144: Debut of the Hytera AR482G DMR HT

Episode 144: Debut of the Hytera AR482G DMR HT

A special thanks to Terry, NX7R, for loaning me this radio to test.  You can find the Hytera AR482G  and other radios at his website – www.TTGCommunications.com

This Hytera radio is made for Amateur use, unlike lots of the commercial-grade DMR radios out there today.  This radio is along the quality of Motorola, Tair and Harris.  It is monoband and lacking a few features that the Chinese DMR radios currently have, but the audio and programming quality is second-to-none.  Check the video below for a test-drive.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 144: Debut of the Hytera AR482G DMR HT

  1. I’m a Motorola User who just Migrated to Hytera with a 782G. I got it for a good price on Ebay, but now I wish I had waited for the new radio. I like the inclusion of Bluetooth, something I miss from my Moto gear. My 7550 and APX 7000 both have Bluetooth and it’s great Feature. Time to buy another radio I guess.As a ham, one can never have too many radios.

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