If you have been watching my videos, then you know about the 2 separate episodes I did for the Juentai JT-6188.  I did both an unboxing video and a programming video.  After seeing the first video, I was contacted by Juentai and asked to do a video of their new HT radio, the JT-UV007.

This HT radio is a very heavy-duty feeling handheld.  Like so many other dual band HTs coming out of China, it doesn’t really have anything special to it, though.  It seems to work well, and like I said, it is very durable.  But it is the same 2M/440 HT with 128 channels.  It does have a larger battery than the BaoFeng UV-5R, and a much better antenna.  The display and the menu of the Juentai is nearly the same as the Baofeng, so programming and menus won’t be a huge surprise.  At the time of this video, the JT-UV007 is around $70 on Amazon.  If you want a better radio than the UV5R with a larger battery, this is probably a good choice.

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