Episode 27: Unboxing the BridgeCom BCH-220 HT Radio

Episode 27: Unboxing the BridgeCom BCH-220 HT Radio

The guys over at BridgeCom Systems are a great bunch of folks.  I have been exchanging emails with them for a few months about some DMR items they sell, along with their new 220MHz product line, both a handheld radio and a mobile radio.  At the time of this post, the mobile radio isn’t ready yet, but their HT was released a short time ago and they asked me to review it.  I was happy to do so.  The results are quite positive, so take a look at the video below for the BCH-220 HT Radio from BridgeCom.

If you are in the Dallas / Ft Worth area and are interested in the 1.25-meter band, check out the DFW 220 Net, held on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm on the 224.780MHz machine in Ft Worth.  CTCSS tone is 110.9.  We always welcome new checkins to this net.  It is run by the MJARS club and they do a fantastic job of getting people active on 220MHz.


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One thought on “Episode 27: Unboxing the BridgeCom BCH-220 HT Radio

  1. I would like to see a way to program this Repeater as easy as possible, I do have a one BRC-50V, it is a pain to program. No info how to do it with the disk on the computer. Info is limited to do it by remote. The problem I have is the Morse ID do not work. If someone knows please post or send a message. Thanks ==NP4NY

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