Episode 130:  10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Episode 130: 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Thanks to YOU, I have reached 10,000 subscribers on YouTube!  What an honor – I know that 10,000 isn’t a huge number as far as lots of YouTube shows are concerned, and it isn’t the largest Ham Radio show either, but for me – basically just a ham operator with a camera – it is special.  I still can’t believe how well this show has done from the start, and how it continues to grow.  It is because of YOU, the VIEWER, that the show does so well.  I am just sharing information with you, I don’t have anything special to really bring to the table, other than a love for Amateur Radio.

I hope to see this series continue to expand.  I’m loving the ride, for sure!

Comment here for a chance to win the DMR Mobile radio shown in the video…


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60 thoughts on “Episode 130: 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

  1. Really like your videos as they are super informative and entertaining. We recently got a DMR repeater here in our city, so I am looking forward to being able to learn more about DMR. Thanks, and keep up the videos! Reid, K8JLW

  2. My son and I are new techs and just got the TYT-MD 9600 based on a review you did. It would be nice to get a second DMR radio to put in my sons truck so we can talk.
    Pete Trowbridge KM6QPK

  3. I’m a new ham. My call sign is KN4JEK. Currently studying for my General. I’ve been using a Baofeng GT-5TP and looking to get into DMR. I’ve been looking at radios and right now I just can’t afford one. I’m hoping to win this awesome radio to get into DMR. Also when I can afford to get another radio, i would pass this radio to another new ham to help them get started. Love your videos man! I’ve learned a ton from you! Thanks for all you do! 73 my friend!

  4. Hi, hope your doing well, I recently passed my technician and 2 month latter passed my general class exam. I’m looking to gain more experience transmitting because I’m a little mic. shy so probably if I had a mobile radio I could loosen up. Well keep on the great job your doing, thanks for the chance KN4IBD

  5. My entry for the radio give-away:
    Hi Jason,
    I’d like to win the TDR 6100 because I’m really excited/ passionate about DMR. Also, I’m really curious about how the TDR 6100 compares with the CS 800. Congratulations on getting 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. I really enjoy your shows and I’ve just become a Patreon supporter.


  6. I’m new to DMR using an MD380 HT. I have two DMR repeaters in the closest city and my HT works fine closer to town, but from inside my house I can’t get to either machine. A more powerful mobile rig in the shack would make all the difference. Nice touch giving the rig away even if I don’t win it! Thanks for the work you do taking us along on your amateur radio ride, l’m enjoying it. 73

  7. First and foremost Congrats for 10,000. Your videos are great!!!

    I just got into the hobby and have the Anytone dual band DMR which is absolutely awesome. Your videos are what sparked me to finally get my ticket. I do have the HT but need to get something for mobile use. I really would love to get a DMR mobile in my car as I think it is the best format.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of HAM with the world as you do and helping to grow the hobby.

  8. I would love a DMR radio. I’ve had my DMR MARC ID for a few months but have not been able to purchase a radio and since we are getting a DMR repeater in my area in a few weeks I would love to be able to use it when it goes on the air! KG5BFI Trevor!

  9. congrats !!!! fairly new ham here , JAN 18 .2018 ,been watching you channel for a few months !! been using a md380, drive about a 1000 miles a week and been working on a mobile radio for my work van!!!! but cant afford one yet though!! good luck to everyone !! 73’s from Harrisburg PA

  10. Don’t have any digital ham gear, sure would like to try DMR out and see what’s it all about!
    Byron N4TIZ

  11. Just getting back into HAM radio after twenty years. Passed the Technician and General exams on March 3rd. All of the digital modes that are available now have my interest. Found your channel on YouTube and was part of the reason for me getting back into the hobby.

    Please put me in for the give away.

  12. congrats !!!! fairly new ham here , JAN 18 .2018 ,been watching you channel for a few months !! been using a md380, drive about a 1000 miles a week and been working on a mobile radio for my work van!!!! but cant afford one yet though!! good luck to everyone !! 73’s from Harrisburg PA

  13. Congratulations Jason on 10,000 subscribers. You are the reason I have upgraded to my General License. Also you are the reason I got into DMR. I have been waiting to get a mobile dmr radio for my truck but have been struggling to come up with the funds for it. I live in Virginia and have great DMR coverage and would be able to put the TRD 6100 to great use with all of the repeaters being UHF so this would be perfect. Thanks so much for your consideration. Love the channel and keep up the great work. 73’s from KN4JQR

  14. I really enjoy your videos and subscribed immediately after seeing one of your videos on DMR. I am new to DMR and only have an HT with an openspot at home. I would like to extend my range with a mobile rig around my neighborhood and get more of our local hams involved in DMR. Hoping to get our local club interested enough to invest in a DMR repeater for the Quad Cities as our closest Repeater with DMR is in Huntsville, AL which is about 60 miles away. Thanks. 73!

  15. Jason I’d love to win this radio for my wife. She is K4RCJ and she wants to get on DMR. Thanks for all you do!

  16. Jason, I would love to have an DMR for my car, my brother loves his md-380.. also the Tyler County Amateur Radio Association is in the process of planning an Extra class, it is so much material that it takes 2 two day weekends to present it. Check out our clubs website at wd5tyl.org and the dates will be on the calendar. We are a W5YI afilliated club also ARRL affiliated.

    Robert Caruthers Jr
    President TCARA

  17. Congrats Jason, 10,000 subs is an accomplishment and your videos are informative of amateur radio and educational. Keep the signal strong and thanks for your efforts.

    73 de Doc – N3HD 1151150

  18. Congrats on your subscription count! I would love to have this radio as I have been wanting to get into DMR for some time now.

  19. Congrats on the continuing subscriber base of the show. I always look forward to the notifications from YouTube for your new videos. I’m a new ham and new to DMR up in the great state of MN. Been trying to get my wife and three young daughters into this great passion as well. I think they are starting to come around. Nonetheless, I’ve been looking for a mobile radio since I got my license two months ago. Hopefully I’m lucky enough put it through its paces. Great show and love the content. 73s. KE0PYP

  20. Hello Jason congrats on 10,000 subs! Watch your show every week I wish I could have gotten to Orlando to see you but I work a lot of hours hauling fuel here in Florida.
    I would like the radio to put in my work truck I have a GD77 now but it is hard to hear it the 18 wheeler so anyway good luck and may u get another 10,000 subs 73 Dr N4XLD/Dale

  21. I have the TYT-9600 DMR dual band radio and it has been back to but two-way Radio in South Carolina twice now. Once to fix the popping squelch problem. And now back for the second time because it quit transmitting on 2 meter analog. Í would like to try something different. They are going to replace it with version 3.

  22. Hey Jason,

    I subscribed back around November and I can’t miss an episode. Congrats on 10k!

    In Birmingham I can access a Brandmeister and DMARC systems near me but our terrain is so hilly It’s hard to get into with an HT. I would love a mobile to help with that. We use it for Skywarn and emergency comms.

    73, Russell, KV4S

  23. Congratulations for 10,000 subscribers! I’ve only been licensed for two years but learning everyday. I’m looking forward in getting into DMR radio. Thanks, Dan KG5MDB

  24. My wife and I just recently got our technician license together and are looking forward to enjoying this hobby as a couple. We also are in the process of studying for our General license that we plan to take the end of the month at a HAM fest in Raleigh, NC. We are lucky to also have our nephew and our son involved. Since we are just starting out, it would be amazing to win a DMR radio that we could put in one of our vehicles or mount in our soon to be “radio” room. We currently own two small handhelds and one small DMR handheld radio. We are lucky that we have several repeaters locally and would love to be able to have a better radio to reach out on. I hope that you will pick us! Greg & Pansy KN4JZZ & KN4JZY

  25. Hi Jason this is Frank KM4ZRT from Florida, love the show I have watched all your videos and finally had the chance to meet you in Orlando. You are the reason why I just got into DMR. I just got my DMR ID about 2 months ago and bought my fist DMR HT from Tim at BridgeCom Systems love it I am hooked and would love to have a mobile DMR this would be a great radio for me. Keep up on the videos I will continue watching 73 Frank KM4ZRT

  26. See you in Rayne, LA this weekend. Saturday is forecast to be rainy and windy. I’ll be there Friday as well.

  27. Congrats on 10k! I’ve been enjoying DMR for quite some time but I’ve been looking to get a base rig set up in the shack. My HT gets pretty hot if I get in a long conversation! Thanks, and good luck to all!
    73, Anthony VE2HEW

  28. I would love to get access to DMR. I’ve had my ticket for a little over a year (if you don’t count the 50 year gap after my Novice expired). I’m very interested in exploring as many aspects of amateur radio as possible. One reason I’d like DMR is to be able to connect with the Ham Radio Workbench talk group, since I am particularly interested in tinkering (and I need all the help I can get!) -73 Rich

  29. Really appreciate your videos and have learned a ton about DMR through you! I had an MD-380 for a few years collecting dust and because of Ep 77 on building a hotspot, now have the ability to use it! I’m hooked on DMR now and would love to have something permanent in the car.. Thanks for all that you do for the community!

    73 KC9YFH

    1. Have enjyed your way a of helping the Ham comunity. Ive been helping to setup a Nusing home, whom wanting to form a emergency . and they taken interest in what we have to have as Amateru radio operators. the allow me to setup a station. and i’m interested inTRD6100 DMR to exthe ways to panded So please add to your gave away. See you down log.

  30. Congratulations on reaching 10K! Well deserved. Please keep up the great content. Would love to win the radio….need a DMR mobile unit! Thanks for the doing the giveaway….we love them!

  31. Hi Jason I am not new to ham radio. I am new to digital radio. I am building a UHF repeater on AllStar. I am thinking about making it a DMR repeater. Having this radio could sway me to do just that. My AllStar node is 47424

    73 and thanks for the channel.


  32. Man, I final found a vodcast that it simple, direct with content with little advertisement plugs. Great show just got my DMR ID due to the show giving me the confidence to try another mode. Thank for the great content.


  33. Congratulations of reching 10,000 subscribers! That’s a major milestone, particularly in the ham radio world. I thoroughly enjoy your YouTube videos. Your early DMR presentations gave me the info I needed to really get into DMR. It’s now time to install something permanently. My MD-380 works great, particularly in conjunction with my SharkRF OpenSpot. So, I’d really like to win the TDR-6100. Meanwhile, thanks for your “Elmer” contribution to the amateur radio community!

  34. Thank you for your videos. I’ll throw my name in the hat for the radio giveaway. Been looking to move up to a mobile from my HT and haven’t been able to settle in on one yet.

  35. Good episode as always. Keep up the good work. I don’t need a radio with those 9600’s so good luck to everyone else. Plus we’re VHF DMR here….

  36. We now have DMR repeater in next county, and I could use UHF dmr radio from drawing. Amazing on your viewer growth.


  37. Hello My Name is Kevin KC3AKY,
    I really like your videos thay are informative and very well put together
    I am a General license holder. I currently use a Baofeng UV-82HP and Echolink. My Club W3HZU and other clubs in our local area are heavily investing in DMR in southeast PA. it would be great to get a DMR radio to talk to the club members.

  38. Hi Jason,
    I would like to be awarded the radio. I actually got my start in ham radio after finding your channel. I watched the study guide video and passed my test only missing one question. The VE wouldn’t tell me which one, but I only missed a perfect score by one question. We have DMR here in the valley but I was forced to sell my MD380 to fund a Dstar radio from MTC. I would love to get back into DMR and a win from you would let me accomplish this goal.

    Jeffrey N7VJR

  39. Jason, I enjoy your channel very informative, I would enjoy having a reliable mobile DMR for the shack, keep up the good work.

  40. First, thank you for all you do for our hobby. Second, I can’t say that I deserve the radio any more than the next guy/gal. However, I will say that the radio will get put to good use if I were to win it. My new job takes me between home in NE Oklahoma and OKC and after watching your videos on DMR I decided to get into yet another aspect of our hobby. DMR is a great way to keep awake while on the road. I also look forward to shaking your hand next month at the Green County Hamfest.
    Thank you and 73.

  41. Nicely done. I’ve been out of ham radio for a number of years and enjoy hearing about the digital world. I think it’s time to jump in.
    Keep up the good work!

  42. Just got tuned in recently to “The Shack”. Congratulations on 10k subscribers!

    I’ve been bitten by the DMR bug and just got my subscriber id. I’m interested in using it for EMCOMM voice and data out in the field.


  43. Your videos are quite helpful and entertaining. Looking to go digital however on a tight budget. This unit would be a great help for the shack I’m trying to get started.


  44. Thank you for your time and the information that you give. You were the reason that i got my Raspberry Pi with the DV Mega and the MD 380 and love it. thanks again and look forward to seeing you in the future

    Tyler Wagner

  45. Was a bit nervous about taking the technician test before I watched your video’s and now very confident I will pass.
    Teaching technique and simple logic paired with politeness on air waves, with a deep respect & knowledge of F.C.C. rules.
    Thank you.

  46. Thanks for the videos, your class exam videos enabled me to earn both my technician and general ticket today. Now just waiting on my call sign from the FCC.

  47. I would love to win a dmr radio. They just fired up a new dmr repeater very close to me and i would really enjoy learning it and talking to folks on the new repeater. Try to generate more interest in dmr for my area. Great videos and we all really appreciate and enjoy your channel! Thanks and 73 Chad W4CHD

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