Episode 175: Icom ID-5100a Unboxing and Programming

My primary purchase from Black Friday of 2018 was the Icom ID-5100A Mobile DSTAR Radio from R&L Electronics. This radio isn’t new, but it is the first time I have had a chance to make a video with one of these models, so I decided to post this video. I am looking forward to getting this radio mounted in my truck and doing some on-the-road videos with it, and also some DSTAR videos on this channel.

After creating this video, I did follow up with R&L and learned that the “Deluxe” model comes with the faceplate mount, and not the body mount, for the radio. The body mount is sold separately for about $30.

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5 Responses to “Episode 175: Icom ID-5100a Unboxing and Programming”

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  1. Wayne Phelps AJ4WP says:

    Enjoy your Episodes on the new things of Ham Radio

  2. Gene Maletta says:

    The Deluxe model was supposed to have the mounting bracket

  3. Justin says:

    Love the ID-5100!
    I mount the head in my normal mirror location as the mirror is of kn use in my work truck.
    The radio is mounted in the back with extension mic cable made from Cat 5e cable.
    In my case the mic attached to the head would not be a good outcome for me.
    Bloody good radio all the same 🙂

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