Episode 5:  Unboxing the Juentai JT-6188 Mini-Mobile Radio

Episode 5: Unboxing the Juentai JT-6188 Mini-Mobile Radio

If you haven’t seen the new mini-mobile radios, then you probably haven’t been to a Hamfest or involved in a Facebook Group for Amateur Radio users lately.  The first on the scene was the Leixen VV-898, a dual band mini-mobile radio boasting 10-watts of output power per band, and delivering slightly higher output on the meter.  These radios are about the size of 2 decks of cards laid side-by-side.  Enter next the Juentai JT-6188 radio, which boasts 25-watts of output power.  In this video we get to see an unboxing of this brand new radio and put it on the test bench to test output power.

Some other radios that this name goes by is the Zastone MP-300 and the QYT KT-8900.  All three are exactly the same radio with different branded names on the front, something the Chinese are known for.  The Juentai, as far as I can tell, was the first of these radios, so that is the one I tested with.  Watch for an upcoming video on the Zastone MP-300 and how to program each radio.

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