Episode 4: Unboxing the Connect Systems CS750 DMR HT Radio

Episode 4: Unboxing the Connect Systems CS750 DMR HT Radio

The Connect Systems CS750 is the updated model of the CS700, which was very popular among hams in the early-days of DMR use with Amateur Radio.  When hams first started using DMR, about the only radio you could get was a Motorola or Vertex, and you’d be paying about $400 for a used HT radio from eBay or Batlabs.  Connect Systems released the CS700, a monoband 5-watt HT that would work DMR or Analog repeaters at a price-point of $180.  The large number of hams introduced to DMR since late 2013 was largely due to the Connect Systems CS700.

The CS750 is the updated rendition, which fixed some of the problems of the CS700, most notably the low transmit audio.  The CS700 transmit audio was nice and clear, as you would expect from DMR, but users often has to turn up the volume on the receive radio because users transmitting from a CS700 weren’t as loud as a Motorola, Vertex Standard or Hytera rig user.  The CS750 has solved that problem with updated internal hardware and firmware, and made strides to add features not found in the commercial world of DMR, but which hams value.  Some of these features include 2000 channels, 65,000 contacts and the eventual ability to FPP (front-panel program) your radio without the need for computer programming (this will be a feature updated in a later firmware version)


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