Episode 86: Comparing the RFinder H1 and M1 Devices

Comparing the RFinder H1 and M1 Devices

In Episode 70 I did a review of the RFinder H1 device.  Since then, I picked up the newer model, called the M1.  In this episode, I show both radios and talk about the differences.  You can see the size comparison of the two radios, and the screens of each, and I will do a DMR QSO on the new M1 device.

This RFinder M1 is now my daily carry smartphone.  I really do enjoy using it as both a phone and a two-radio UHF radio to talk on local analog repeaters, my backyard DMR repeater, and my DMR hotspots.

Find the RFinder devices at www.AndroidDMR.com

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  1. Simon Templar says:

    Not long to wait now for my M1 that is on pre order. It will be my daily phone.


  1. […] https://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/2017/03/20/episode-86-comparing-the-rfinder-h1-and-m1-devices/ —————————– In this episode, I talk about the 2 RFinder devices – the original H1, and the new M1. The M1 is now my daily carry Smartphone and 2-way radio. I'll talk about differences between the 2 models, and we'll do some QSOs on DMR with the M1 […]

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