Episode 59: Journey to Joplin (2016 Hamfest)

My Journey to Joplin for the 2016 Hamfest.

jarctowrThis is an experimental video of my road trip to the Hamfest, which includes some QSOs on the Brandmeister DMR Network through a BlueDV hotspot, and trying to reach someone on a couple of the 220MHz repeaters in the Tulsa, OK area.

If this video gets some interest, I will be recording more road trips when traveling to Hamfests.  I have another one coming up this week that I want to record, but I will be leaving so early in the morning, it will still be dark outside, so I don’t think the recording would be very good.  Plus I am still working to get HF up and running in the truck.

Let me know what you think about this video – if this is something that interests some people, then I will plan on doing more of them.  Watch below for my Journey to Joplin for the 2016 Hamfest.

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