Episode 71:  Bound for Belton

Episode 71: Bound for Belton

Bound for the Belton HamExpo

Some of you have commented on my Road Trip post titled, “Journey to Joplin“, and provided some very good feedback on it.  I even got recognition from Gary Pearce on his Ham Radio Now Episode 269 about the road trip video – so needless to say, I was happy with the results of that video.

Here is my next road trip episode, which I have titled, Bound for Belton.  Twice per year, the Belton HamExpo is held in Belton, TX, which is just North of Austin.  This is the only Hamfest in the area which happens twice a year, and depending on the weather (it has a large outdoor tail-gate area) it is usually one of the most attended shows also.

In this episode, I take the short 2.5 trip down to Belton, talk a little bit about my show, and do some QSOs with a few of the guys on the Brandmeister Talkgroup 3148 in Texas.

I have a couple more road trip videos planned for 2017.  I’m not planning a large number of them, but when I can fit one in here and there, I plan to.

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