Episode 524: Ham Radio Questions and Answers for 2021 – Sunday Livestream

Replay of my Sunday Livestream to kick-off 2021. We will be talking EVERYTHING Ham Radio. Questions can be posted for what you would like to see upcoming on this channel, this year!

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2 Responses to “Episode 524: Ham Radio Questions and Answers for 2021 – Sunday Livestream”

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  1. Ray Johnston KG4CSJ says:

    Jason, I’ve been out of HAM for a while and decided to get back in to it. You have no idea how much “stuff” I’ve learned by watching your videos, and I thank you so much for being easy to follow and sharing your knowledge.

    Listening to one of your videos today, I think you said a HAM technician CAN communicate using the dual-band, 2- meter 440. Did I understand you correctly?

    Thank you for responding and for all you do for HAM Nation!

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