Episode 53: DSTAR Forum at Oklahoma Ham Holiday

Episode 53: DSTAR Forum at Oklahoma Ham Holiday

The Oklahoma Ham Holiday is a fun event.  Not as big as some, but it is well-attended and has lots of great vendors. HH Yaesu also attended this year – usually when a major manufacturer attends a show, it is a good show.

I only recorded one forum this year, and it was the DSTAR forum given by Dave Downing, WD5G.  I really did enjoy it and I learned a few things about DSTAR myself.  I am going to do some playing around with DSTAR on my own time, and will eventually have some more videos on it also.

As everyone knows, I am a big DMR fan, but this video series is about “what is new in Amateur Radio?” – while DSTAR isn’t really new, it is the oldest digital format in Ham Radio today, it is still quite popular and has lots of new radios still being made, with the new Kenwood DSTAR HT being the hot topic at Dayton this year.

So DSTAR is alive and well, hence my recording of this forum.  Thanks again to the guys @HamHoliday and to Dav, WD5G, for allowing me to record this.
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