Episode 39: Unboxing The Leixen Note 25-watt Handheld

Episode 39: Unboxing The Leixen Note 25-watt Handheld

Leixen Note

The Leixen Note 25-watt Handheld radio is the first of its kind.  A 25-watt HT with a 14″ radio isn’t exactly something you would want to key-up next to your face, so I did some testing on all 3 power levels, sometimes with an external antenna or a dummy load.  I think you will be impressed with the results of this test.

This radio is about the size of a Motorola HT-1000 or a Radio Shack HTX-202.  It is much larger than any other HT that has come out of China.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 39: Unboxing The Leixen Note 25-watt Handheld

  1. thx for the review, I know John Miklor’s review had this radio at 24-25 watts, wow, I dont understand how you tested at 45?? Sure that test meter is calibrated? you must have got one made on a Wednesday, LOL

    1. I agree, LOL. Yes the meter is calibrated. You will see the same meter used in several videos, including Episode 42, which will post this weekend – AFTER the Leixen radio was tested.
      I am sure I just got a fluke radio – I doubt all of them will perform like this… but yes, it is actually pushing that much power. Strange.

  2. Hi there,

    After watching this video, there’s one thing that comes to mind… RTFM!

    73 and take care,

    Alan – N2DRO

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