Episode 37: Unboxing the SamCom AP-400UV Handheld

Episode 37: Unboxing the SamCom AP-400UV Handheld

The SamCom AP-400UV Handheld

This radio is a new HT from China with a large display screen.  It is a good little dual-band radio, and performs well, but other than that, it isn’t anything special.  There are lots of dual band radios coming out of China, some are good, and some are not-so-good.  If I am posting a video about one, it is one that I think it worth mentioning.  Several I have tested don’t deserve a video review, so I won’t be posting them at all.  But the SamCom radio shows some promise.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 37: Unboxing the SamCom AP-400UV Handheld

  1. hi there, I have a 400uv and I am having trouble finding a programming cable and software for it, I am up
    in Canada,.

    Any ideas?

    I have a programming cable for a tytera md380 which looks very similar, I would make a cable if i had the pin configurations.

    thanks in advace

  2. This radio has the 2.5mm and 3.5mm plugs opposite of the Baofeng etc. I am in Canada as well and I had to order one from 409 Shop. It plugged in but wouldn’t install on my computer running Win7. I contacted 409 Shop and they told me it only works on XP. Would have been nice to know beforehand. They were nice enough to issue a refund.

    I have a question concerning the radio….on the Baofeng’s etc, there is a option called “squelch tail elimination”. For some reason, I can’t communicate with one of my local repeaters without this feature enabled. On my Baofeng UV-82, I can set it and can work the troublesome repeater no problem. The manual for the Samcom shows it as a feature (#30) in the feature listing, but I see no way to activate it in the menu. I have sent emails to the company with no success.

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