TYT MD390 :

TYT has added the new MD390 to their inventory with a brand-new IP67-rated DMR handheld radio.  Today I MD390ashow you an unboxing video and do some on-air testing, as well as show you what new pieces are included with the radio in the new package.

The TYT MD380, still available and in production, has been one of the most popular DMR HTs for Amateur Operators, to date.  The main reason for this is the ~$125 price point.  You can sometimes find sale prices lower than the $125 mark, but you also see some other Amateur Vendors selling these radios for $140-$160.  But whatever the best price is at the time, these are still popular for being sub-$200.

Recently a group of hams hacked the MD380 radio and enabled full DMR scanning, meaning that you can receive DMR talkgroups without having to know which talkgroup numbers to program.  Also included in some versions is the ability to receive P25, DSTAR and Fusion audio.  So far you cannot use the MD380 to transmit on these types of systems, but I have read that the same group is working on an updated version that will allow transmitting soon.  If this happens, you will probably see many more MD380 radios sold since the Connect Systems CS7000 has been delayed by more than 2 years, and is projected to have a much higher price-point than the TYT model.

Either way, the TYT MD390 doesn’t bring many new things to the table.  An IP67 rating means it is water-resistant and if you drop it on the street, it isn’t going to shatter.  In fact, it has a very rugged feel to it.  It also comes with an extended antenna and an in-line PTT earbud.

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18 thoughts on “Episode 34: Unboxing the TYT MD390 DMR HT Radio

  1. Hi,made a Donation of $10.00 dollars but I hit the wrong tab. Meant to hit the subscription yearly tab.Got to excited about the MD390 give away!


  2. My MD-380 has the same features as what you showed. I don’t have it with me to tell you the firmware version, but I can see the zone on my screen. I have the latest firmware available for the md380.

  3. As of today, 7 people have donated for this free giveaway. Once we reach 10, we will do the drawing.

  4. Don’t know if you’ve reached yer 10 yet, but I just did the 10.00 subscription. Hope you get enough for the drawing!!!

  5. Kb5yzd count me in just made the donation. i wamted to come see you at hamcom, but i had a stroke in june 2015. and my kids have to take me anywhere i want to go they could not bring me i missed out. if i win or buy one can you shoot a code plug in it for dfw and texas. i can put my subscriber id in after i get it home. thank you. please add the dmr simplex freqs you talked about. thank you, keep up the awesome work. hope to meet you soon. look forword to useing the tyt md390. looks great.

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